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Honda GL-1800 Brake and Clutch Lever Bushings

Cruise not working? Feeling like the levers not operating smoothly. Don't replace the levers like Honda wants you to. Replace the bushings. This will restore the origional fit and feel of factory levers or aftermarket chrome ones. Comes with a insertion and removal tool for your convience.

P/N DHS-3021

Price: $20.00 (shipping included)

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Honda GL-1800 Hub Cap

Tired of all that dirt and brake dust getting in you wheel making removing your lug nuts a pain and messy? Cover them with this aluminum disk and you can paint, powdercoat, or chrome it to suit your personal touch. Unlike some aftermarket products this does not use 2-sided tape to remain in place. Mine used an aluminum plug inserted into the wheel and a single bolt holds the cover in place.

P/N DHS-4011

Prince $25.00 (shipping included)

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Honda GL-1800 Progressive Fork Alternate Preload Spacers

If you have upgraded your Front Forks to Progressive Monotube Cartridge Kit you may not be happy with the included preload spacers. This kit contains 2ea 1/16" - 2ea 1/8" - 2ea 3/16" spacers to allow you to fine tune your preload adjustment.

P/N DHS-8282

Price: $20.00 (shipping included)

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Honda GL-1800 Left Fork Anti-Dive Rebuilt (Instructions)

Honda does not offer spare parts for the Anti-dive attached to the Left for Leg. They want you to buy an Entire Fork bottom for about $180.00 (depending on the year). There is a spring actuated valve that works when you press the brakes. This valve can get stuck over time by grit that is not removed during regular Fork Seal Service. This leads to overpressuring your fork and blowing out the Fork Seal. If you're blowing out your Fork Seal and can't figure out why, it's probably the Anti-Dive. We recomend that you replace your Anti-Dive every 3rd Fluid change to prevent your Anti-Dive from Sticking and blowing out your seals. You do not need to service your Fork Fluid to change out the Anti-Dive.

P/N DHS-1153

Price: $75.00 (shipping included) (Core will need to be returned)

P/N DHS-2153

Price: $45.00 (shipping included) (Kit to do the job yourself) (read instructions before you order this option)

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Honda GL-1800 Alternator Dampener Clip Upgrade

The Alternator Dampener failure is caused mostly by a very light gage collar that has the job of retaining the two half clips that keep the pressure on a Belleville Washer stack. The little collar is formed from very thin walled stamped metal. The collar is very loose fitting and can move up and down. It allows the two half clips to vibrate against the walls of the collar skirt weakening it over time. When the collar splits from this vibration, it changes from an O shape just before it splits open. When this happens, one or both half clips fall down to the bottom of the Rear Cover. You then hear a horrendous noise at idle.

This upgrade replaces the thin stamped collar with one machined from billet steel with substantially thicker dimensions and tighter tolerances in many directions to keep the half clips where they belong. Tight to the Dampener shaft.

P/N DHS-6082

Price $55.00 (shipping included)

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Honda GL-1800 Bungee Hooks

Are your saddle bags and trunk full of those neccessary items you need to be hauling around. Need to bring that large item you just purchased home with you. Try to hook it to your back seat and you'll find it hard to secure it properly. Use these bungee hooks that go between the seat and grab rails for a secure hookup. Hooks are metal with satin black powdercoating. 4 each included

P/N DHS-1012

Price $20.00 (shipping included)

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Honda GL-1800 Shifter Lever Upgrade (Instructions)

Have you ever wanted to adjust the height of your shifter. Do you want to shorten the shift action to achieve a more positive shift. This kit will do both. Our Rod Ends are tighter than Honda's stock economy ends (see video). With stock shifter you can raise or lower in approx 1" increments. With our kit you can raise or lower in approx 3/16" increments. With our kit you have the option to use the existing hole and maintain the stock shifter throw or you can drill an additional hole and shorten the throw by 30%. If you send me your shifter I will install the kit and turn it around to you in 1 day or you can buy the kit and install it yourself (Instructions are included)

P/N DHS-11252-kit only Price $35.00 (shipping included)

P/N DHS-11252-complete Price $55.00 (shipping included) (requires you send me your shifter. E-mail me for details)

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